Donations to Becky Ivey Campaign


Rules for Making Donations:


1. Only individuals are allowed to make donations. No Corporations or Labor organizations may donate directly to a candidate.

2. Cash contributions of more than $100 in the aggregate from one contributor during a reporting period, is prohibited.


3. Contributions from foreign sources are not allowed.


4. Donors name, address and phone number for each contribution must be provided.


5. There are no limits on the amount of donation when the donations are made by check or credit card and the name, address and phone number of the donor are disclosed.

How to Make a Donation


You can make a donation to my campaign by one of two methods:


1. You can mail a check to:

(make your check payable to Becky Ivey Campaign)


            Becky Ivey Campaign

            1443 Valley Crest Drive

            Burleson, TX 76028


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